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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Waukee Youth Football program that may help you through the registration process.

Q. What is the WYF - NFL Flag Football league?

A. Waukee Youth Football is teaming up with NFL Flag to offer our inaugural Flag Football program in 2017.

Waukee's affiliation with NFL Flag provides the following cool offerings:
Players receive
  • Official NFL Flag Team Branded Reversible Jerseys
  • Official NFL Flag Football Belts
  • Coaching from NFL Flag certified coaches
  • Games played on the Waukee Stadium Football Field
Games held on Saturdays
Start times will be between 8am and 11am
Registration fee is $75 for Flag Football


Q. Why do we have to register for the season so early?  The first practice is not until August.

A. We open registration every year in March so we have enough time to get a head count to reserve practice and game fields and order equipment before the season starts. 

Q. When can a player register to play in the Waukee Youth Football League?

A. In the past, our first day for player registration is March 1st and closes May 1st.  The WYF reserves the right to adjust these dates as needed to set the league schedule in a timely manner. 


Q. What information will I need to register my son for Waukee Youth Football?

A. You will need your sons current weight, Insurance information, address, phone and email.  


Q. Why do you need my email address?

A. The WYF league uses email as its primary method of contacting coaches and player families. The league does not call unless there are emergencies.  If you indicate for the league to not email you, you will miss communications about events like equipment handout, registration deadlines, or practice jersey order dates.     


Q. How much does it cost to play tackle football with the Waukee Youth Football League?

A. The fee for all players registered between April 1st and May 1st is $225.00. The fee for all players registered after May 1st will be $250 per player. Register early to take advantage of this great savings.  This season the price includes the official WYF practice jersey that your player can keep at the end of the season.


Q. What all is included with the fee?

A. Registration includes:

  • Use of league administered football gear.  (Helmet, shoulder pads, game and practice pants, and a game jersey)
  • Use of practice fields during designated team practice time.
  • Use of football fields for games.


Q. What are the age restictions to play in the league?  

A. There are no age specific restrictions to play in our league.  The divisions are based on grade level.  The Flag football league is open to any player in Kidergarten thru 3rd grade. The Juniors division combines the 3rd and 4th grade players together.  And the 5th, 6th and 7th grade divisions are separate.  To play in a division your player must be in or going into the appropriate grade at the beginning of that season. Example: If your player will be in 5th grade for the 2017-2018 school year, they will be in the 5th grade division for the 2017 season.


Q. Do we need to purchase any other equipment to play in the tackle football league?

A. The WYF provides most of the equipment, however you will need to purchase a mouthguard, cleats, and socks.  This season, the WYF has included the price of an official WYF Practice Jersey as part of the registration.  The jersey is a high quality purple jersey with the WYF logo and the players name on back.  Be sure to enter the correct jersey size information during registration.  Please note: no metal cleats are allowed in practice or in games.


Q. What is Heads Up Football and why is it important?

A. Waukee Youth Football is a American Youth Football Heads Up Certified league.  The Heads Up program is a national initiative to make the sport of football better and safer.  All coaches in the WYF must take the Heads Up training before they can coach in our league.  To learn more about the American Youth Football Heads Up program visit the website.  http://usafootball.com/headsup


Q. What rules are used in the Waukee Youth Tackle Football league?

A. For the most part we use the Iowa High School rules adapted with some changes for age appropriate play.  These rules are discussed and agreed upon by all teams that play in the Mid Iowa Youth Football League.  This organization exists to make sure that all teams that play in the league  (including teams from other cities) are using the same rules to provide a unified player experience. Please refer to www.MidIowaYouthFootball.com for more information.



If you have any other questions about registration or the league, email one of the WYF Board Members.